Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update from the Days!!!!!!

I can't believe that it has been since August since I blogged! I have alot to catch everybody up on! Jag turned 1 on Sept. 26 (Pictures will be coming as soon as I find the cord that goes to my camera a little boy has hidden it somewhere)He got a little 4-wheeler and a bunch of toys. My house looks like toys r us after birthday, x-mas and the after x-mas sale at target. Soon after his b-day started walking and know it is to running everywhere. (I just looked to see where he was because it was very quite and he is feeding Bo toilet paper right know! That gives me a couple more minutes to blog) That is what happened in Sept.
October was a crazzzy month!!! It all started Oct 17 I was outside with jag watching him play with the neighbor kids and Easton was out riding his 4-wheeler at a track by our house. When he came around the corner on his 4-wheeler speeding like there was no kids out anywhere. He drove right past me into the garage and went into the house, a couple seconds later the guy he was riding with followed and said easton wrecked and was hurt bad! I started walking into the house when he was walking out to find me. He was not pale or white he was a green color. He said he think he broke his back and to help him get his riding boots off and take him to the hospital RIGHT KNOW!!!! To make a long story short he fractured his lower back and compressed some vertebra's too. He had to where a turtle shell cast for two months except to shower and couldn't pick or hold anything over 10 pounds. He walked with a walker for a week then two canes for another week until he was down to one for a couple of weeks. He had to sleep in the family room on a mattress so he could use the railing to pull himself up when I was not around. Glad that is over!!!
Thanksgiving and Christmas was good at our house I will post pictures as soon as I find the cord to my camera.


  1. Poor Easton! That must have been so hard on all of you. Glad he is feeling better. Please post pictures of Jagger! I want to see that little guy walking around.

  2. Tawny,
    I found your blog from Britney's blog. Hope all is going well and I hope your hubby is fully recovered. Baby Jagger sure is cute!